About Us

Hi everyone my name is John and I'm a USAF Vet. I started this store so that I could have a creative outlet. I am a disabled vet and unable to work, so I started doing T-Shirts and expanded into Hoodies, Coffee Mugs and more. I do a lot of craft shows and commission pieces, but when I'm not able to attend craft shows I figured I would open up a store and sell to the public. Please come into my store and browse around. Wallace Graphic Tees is a collection of graphic tees and many more items. I do most of my own designs, plus I also work with a designer that creates awesome products. Every piece of clothing starts with an idea of something I would wear myself. If you enjoy simple, but classic things, that will last you a long time, if you would rather have a few quality items that serve well then Wallace Graphic Tees ideology is right for you.